报名截止日期:  2019年10月18日星期五BST,晚上11:59

提交截止日期:  2019年11月15日,星期五BST,晚上11:59


为了帮助使书籍更容易获取,阅读更多鼓励,ARCHHIVE BOOKS正在呼吁为ARCHHIVE BOOKS的便携式阅读室建筑竞赛提交意见书。本次比赛正在寻求一种可以嵌入世界各地现有公共场所的小型结构设计。阅览室必须作为一个亲密的冥想空间,人们可以阅读和交换书籍。  

对于ARCHHIVE BOOKS的便携式阅览室建筑竞赛,结构需要高度通用,以便它可以位于不同的位置,并可以在任何气候和任何季节运作。虽然他们的功能可能在一年中发生变化 – 在寒冷的月份作为一个简单的书籍交换箱运行,在温和的天气下更加身临其境和互动的阅读体验 – 阅览室应该有可能丰富它所在的社区。

参与者在概念化阅览室的设计和功能时具有完全的创作自由,事实上,他们甚至不需要是一个实体房间。只要他们是一个鼓励阅读的热情和营养环境,阅览室可以随心所欲地打开或关闭。ARCHHIVE BOOKS将邀请来自世界各地的精选市议会来构建获奖设计作品。参与者可以建议他们认为哪些国家和城市会从他们的阅览室设计中受益最多,但是提交的设计仍然具有多样性和便携性,以便位于世界任何地方,这仍然很重要。

3个获胜提案和6个荣誉奖将被选择。Bee Breeders将奖励总额为5,000美元的奖金比赛获奖者如下: 

一等奖 – 3,000美元
二等奖 – 1,500美元
三等奖 – 500美元 

+ 6荣誉奖


最终注册:7月20日 – 10月18 





Despite the growing presence of digital devices, the demand for physical books remains as strong as ever, and with good reason. Research has shown that readers of printed books absorb and remember more information about the plot of a book than those using e-readers, likely due to the tactile sensation of handling a physical book, turning its pages and feeling how far you have progressed. Even children as young as three benefit from being read to from physical books, becoming more engaged and finding the story easier to remember. Researchers theorise that this is because they are less distracted than by electronic devices.

In order to help make books more accessible, and reading more encouraged, ARCHHIVE BOOKS are calling for submissions for the ARCHHIVE BOOKS’ Portable Reading Rooms architecture competition. This competition is seeking designs for a small structure that could be embedded within existing public spaces in multiple locations around the world. The Reading Rooms would have to function as an intimate meditative space in which people can read and exchange books.  

For the ARCHHIVE BOOKS’ Portable Reading Rooms architecture competition, the structure would need to be highly versatile so that it could be located in various locations, and could function in any climate and any season. Though their functionality could change throughout the year – operating as a simple book exchange box during colder months and a more immersive and interactive reading experience during milder weather – the Reading Rooms should have the potential to enrich the community in which it is placed.

Participants have total creative freedom when conceptualising the design and functioning of the Reading Rooms, in fact, they need not even be a physical room. As long as they are a welcoming and nourishing environment that encourages reading, the Reading Rooms can be as open or closed off as you like. ARCHHIVE BOOKS will invite selected city councils from around the world to construct the winning design entries. Participants may propose which countries and cities they feel would benefit most from their Reading Rooms designs, however it is still important that submitted designs remain versatile and portable enough to be located anywhere in the world.

3 winning proposals and 6 honourable mentions will be selected. Bee Breeders will award a total of US $5,000 in prize money to competition winners as follows: 

1st Prize – US $3,000
2nd Prize – US $1,500
3rd Prize – US $500 

+ 6 honourable mentions


Final Registration: JULY 20 – OCTOBER 18

Closing date for registration: OCTOBER 18, 2019
Closing date for submission: NOVEMBER 15, 2019 (11:59pm GMT)

Announcement of the winners: DECEMBER 6, 2019